Understanding Timothy Caughman’s Murder

I think there’s an instinct to turn off the news in “Trump’s America” and hide from it now that the initial shock seems to have worn off, but it’s worth reminding that for a lot of people, that is not an option. There are people who want to be like they’re suddenly woke now, but remember Erykah Badu said to stay woke. Stay being the operative word.

The fact we are living in “Trump’s America” is an everyday reminder that some less than 26% of Americans voted to put in enforcers of racial caste, people who are ready to sell our country – quite literally to Russia and pawn off our national lands to companies who would cause environmental disasters, and make the lives of the vulnerable even more miserable.

As I climb up my career ladder, the more I see into the lives of people who literally have said to me “I’m just going to turn off the TV for four years.” I also won’t forget the absolute hypocrisy of so-called progressives giving these voters undeserved empathy and understanding. I have become even more sympathetic to disruptive protests and actions because people “on our side” (whatever that really means) but aren’t facing the consequences directly would prefer to hide in comfort instead, people who are actually able to actually change the outcome but would rather see incidents like Timothy Caughman’s murder as an unfortunate anomaly rather than for what it really is. Racial violence. Violence against trans people. Trumplandia. It’s more than simple hate.


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